About Our Company

Al Ammari was established in 1972 by Sheikh Salem Bin Hassan Al Ammari, who was then working in the textile industry with a small team of highly enthusiastic people. Following his remarkable success in the textiles trade, he expanded his footprint in the gold trading and real estate development industry to kickstart the journey of success.

Our Company History

The three-dimensional journey that began in the 1970s on the West coast has now expanded throughout the Kingdom in the last five decades. Four employees, a passion for growth, a strong belief in the emerging institutions, and a broad vision of future goals have helped Al Ammari scale the heights of success. The prime focus of the company is to deliver quality and originality in everything it offers, from manufacturing of textiles to designing of gold and jewelry and real estate development. Today, the dream has been fulfilled and the small enterprise has become a giant commercial entity, proud of its past achievements and in anticipation of fulfilling all future milestones.


We look forward to become a role model in the business world.

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Our Projects

Here is our real estate portfolio, which highlights some of the most successful projects and how we accomplished them:

Elite Beach Centre: This is a commercial center established on the King Abdul Aziz Road, which is also one of the most important areas of Jeddah.

Elite Centre Building: This is one of the most prominent buildings of Jafali Street.

Elite Orient: This property comprises hotel suites attached with commercial fairs and is located in one of Jeddah’s strongest commercial areas, on the Al-Makarouna Street.

Golds Gym Building (Al Naseem District): This commercial property has been rented out to the Golds Gym.

New Corniche Project: This modern-era project is located on the waterfront in Jeddah and still under construction.

Project Rovan Plaza: This project has just been completed and is available for lease.

Residential Buildings: The company owns a group of residential buildings in several neighborhoods of Jeddah.

Commercial Warehouses: The company owns a group of warehouses in the Khumera area, which is leased out as a commercial investment.

Contributions: The company has made significant contributions in various projects, both inside and outside of the Saudi Kingdom, including but not limited to Turkey, Oman, and the UAE.

Organizational Structure of AlAmmari Company

The prolonged struggle initiated by Sheikh Salem Hassan Al Ammari that stretched for more than five decades ago has still not come to an end. The seeds that he sowed continue to bear fruits even after his death. His sons are carrying forward the legacy to prove that the success story was not a one-time idea; it is a journey towards betterment of the mankind.

Salem Hassan Al-Ammari

Head of Institue

Abdullah Salem Al-Ammari


Salah Salem Al-Ammari

Head of Gold and Jewellery Department

Walid Al-Ammari

Heads of Textile Department