Al Ammari Group

Salem Hasan Alammari Sons Co

Walking together steadily to make dreams come true and to reach the top.

AlAmari Company is a success story that has resisted all challenges.

About The Company

Al Ammari has established itself as a leading organization that is involved in diversified businesses, ranging from textiles to jewelry and real estate. After a decade of dealing with textiles, the company ventured into the gold and jewelry trade and eventually into real estate development. It has also collaborated with a German conglomerate to utilize advancements in technology into all business areas in which they operate. The diverse group of people at Al Ammari operates with the highest levels of passion and integrity to fulfill the vision that the company had for its customers.

Real Estate

Al Ammari has been at the forefront of the Middle East’s real estate market, developing some of the finest commercial and residential properties across the region.

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The common proverb, “Everything that glitters is not gold” has been proven otherwise by Al Ammari Gold Jewelry stores. Exquisite craftsmanship, unique designs, and a keen eye for quality at Al Ammari Jewelry have won the hearts of millions from all over the world.

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Al Ammari Textiles serves as the gateway to the world of luxurious fabrics that can be easily distinguished by its finest quality and distinctive textures and patterns.

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In line with the industrial revolution, Al Ammari established its presence in the manufacturing industry through the establishment of an international plant in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). It collaborated with the German organization, Dorma, to manufacture fire-resistant doors for emergency exits.

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World Trade

Al Ghaim, an international company was established in Dubai, UAE, as an exclusive agent for Dorma, Germany. It is involved in selling, installation, and maintenance of glass, wood, and iron doors and accessories for residential and commercial towers, malls, hospitals, and airports in all Arab and African countries

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